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Social and ecological commitment for visitors and organisers

Water is an essential element of life, be it for thirst quenching, hygiene or for cleaning clothes and housing. But one in three people in the world have no access to clean water. What does this have to do with you as an organizer?

In Switzerland, the free availability of drinking water and its excellent quality is a matter of course. However, this is not the case everywhere: globally, water is a scarce and extremely precious resource in many areas. Worldwide, around 780 million people have no access to drinking water.

DRINK & DONATE is a social and ecological commitment for visitors and organisers that gives people access to clean drinking water. All donations are used to finance projects in countries with precarious water situations.

Already today Starticket with organisers such as Gadget, KIFF Aarau, Mainland Music, Mascotte and many others are offering visitors the opportunity to donate CHF 1.00 per ticket for drinking water projects in addition to the ticket purchase.

Kilian Marty, DRINK & DONATE, statement:

“Thanks to DRINK & DONATE 4 Viva con Agua, a total of over CHF 41,419 in donations were raised in 2018. Of these, 95% were collected via Starticket events. A total of CHF 149,500 has been donated since the launch of the concept.”

As an organizer, you also have the opportunity to sensitize your visitors to the global topic of “water” at the event itself in a fun way.

As a Viva con Agua supporter, you give visitors the opportunity to donate their beakers with a return deposit and inform themselves about the work and projects of Viva con Agua. At the event, volunteers will collect the deposit cups and spread a good mood.

Viva con Agua Schweiz

Our sales team will be glad to help you with this topic and also happy if you are committed to helping people in need too.

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